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Friends from far and near (and a lot of first-timers!) joined together at Marvin Gaye Community Greening Center and gardened, watered, mulched, and beautified this hidden DC treasure. The park is located in Anacostia, a neighborhood that is a “food desert” where there is little access to fresh produce. We were very excited to help nurture fruits, vegetables, and green space that this neighborhood can enjoy. In total: we emptied two pickup truck’s worth of water from the Anacostia River, cleared and mulched 1 block’s worth of trail, planted 10+ trees, and didn’t even manage to break a sweat (haha yeah right!). Our coordinator at DC Parks was shocked at how fast we worked and welcomed us back any time to drop in and get our garden on!
Afterward we turned in our pitchforks for solo cups and had a wonderful backyard BBQ. We grilled, gabbed, and even gargoyled (the keg) and, most importantly, had a BLAST seeing old friends, making new friends, and enjoying the beautiful spring weather (again, no rain despite the ominous weather report–I’m sensing a trend!). Cannot wait to do it again next year 🙂
-Allison and Hallie

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