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35 volunteers gathered at the Boston Rescue Mission, a place for people in transition, to paint an entire floor and five stories of a staircase

If CommuniTy were a verb it would be defined as: Helping others while making friends and laughing. I don’t remember a morning of painting stairs; I remember a morning of shared laughs and telling stories. I know of no better way to honor my fallen friend as these are the words I use to describe my memory of him.

−Jody Finch

Since May, I have been to several events in honor of Tyler. At each event I have found myself overwhelmed with sadness that Tyler, one of the most amazing people I have ever met, is no longer on this planet to grace the world with his amazing spirit. At every event, I have cried thinking about how tragic and unfair it is that Tyler is gone. At the Boston Rescue Mission, I found myself similarly overwhelmed with emotion, but the emotion that I felt was different. As I painted and socialized with those around me I realized that Tyler was gracing the world with his spirit. We were all there because of him. In a city in which he never lived, 35 people were motivated by Tyler to give back to the community. Yesterday I cried not because Tyler is no longer with us, but because I realized that he is.

−Dana O’Neal

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