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For the third consecutive year, Communityler Detroit partnered with the Greening of Detroit to plant trees in blight-heavy neighborhoods throughout Detroit. This year, we helped plant more than 200 trees with a group of volunteers from all over the Metro Detroit area in a neighborhood off of the infamous 8 Mile Road. Throughout the day, the Greening of Detroit’s focus on nature and bringing happiness to communities reminded us of Tyler’s spirit.

At one point during the tree planting, a middle-aged woman walked out of her house while we were planting a tree outside of her front yard. Earlier, we had been told that a few residents of the neighborhood were resistant to the planting, so we were hesitant that she was going to tell us to get off of her property. Instead, she thanked us profusely for helping revive her neighborhood–which she had called home for more than 20 years–and proceeded to help us finish planting the tree.

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