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More than 40 volunteers gathered at Scott Carpenter Park to help with Boulder Community Cleanup Day. Volunteers ranged in age from 7months- 50 years old. Volunteers helped by removing trash and recyclables, planting trees and pulling weeds from parks and greenways. This year our group focused on weeding numerous beds and areas in the park, picking up trash throughout the parking lots, trimming back trees and painting various projects.

I’ve truly enjoyed being a part of CommuniTyler over the last few years. Community participation continues to grow each year which is inspiring and partnering with the City of Boulder in recent years has provided us with an opportunity to really come together as a community at large to improve public spaces and enhance the quality of life we enjoy in Boulder. I wish I could have known Tyler; when I tell friends how this organization came about they are blown away by the fact that Tyler’s friends remain so committed to keeping his memory alive and continue to do the work he was so passionate about. The best part of this year’s event was working along side so many kids- they worked diligently without complaint and really had a great time. I look forward to future CommuniTyler events- and the opportunity to meet new people and give back to the community in some small way.

–Jennifer Jackson

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