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We were greeted with beautiful weather at the Friendship Garden’s Demonstration Garde. Friendship Gardens is a network of more than 70 community gardens around Charlotte that supports a mission of helping ensure everyone has access to fresh, healthy food. The Demonstration Garden was their first community garden and it is used to host fundraising events and to educate families on how to grow their own gardens using sustainable growing practices.

As you can see from the pictures, we did some weeding of a carrot patch planted in a tiny spot of earth between the building and the street. We spent most of the morning cleaning up the area, mowing and weeding, to make the area look nice for visitors that came to the garden for training and fundraising events. We also weeded and turned the garden’s composting piles. As we worked, we learned more about sustainable gardening, and how the gardens serve the community through education and also by donating at least a portion of their produce to Friendship Trays, an organization that delivers more than 600 full, balanced meals per day to those that are unable to obtain or prepare meals on their own.

After cleaning up at lunchtime, the group met at Mac’s Speed Shop, a local, legendary restaurant. We sat outside on the porch, enjoying a tasty lunch, sunny weather, and new friendships. Already looking forward to participating in next year’s event.

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