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May 18th, 2013 Event

CommuniTyler brought together volunteers at 23 sites.

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35 acts of kindness: cards for 30 soldiers in Afghanistan, bought 5 strangers ice cream

Ann Arbor, MI

64 bags of trash and 25 old tires were picked up Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge, LA

13,250 meals sorted, enough to feed 3 families of 4 for a year

Boston, MA

20 bags of compost and 10 bats of trash removed, 5 beds mulched, and one park weeded and pruned

Boulder, CO

5,000 feet of trails were maintained and cleared

Bozeman, MT

1 drainage ditch edged to prevent backup at Charlotte’s Freedom Park

Charlotte, NC

30 ton size bags of garbage collected, 1 playground mulched

Chicago, IL

125 shrubs planted

Cleveland, OH

16 volunteers helped clean up the city of Detroit

Detroit, MI

63 hours removing invasive species from a forest preserve

Evanston, IL

26 perennials planted, 8 bags of invasive garlic mustard and 2 foot pile of multiflora rose removed

Frederick, MD

Clean up litter from Buckroe Beach with Arts in the Park

Hampton, VA

15 garbage bags filled and 1 clean high school campus

Hilton Head Island, SC

325 gallons of trash and 2 shopping carts removed from river

Los Angeles, CA

3 new garden areas prepared for summer planting: 2000lbs of rock removed, 600 lbs of weeds, 1 dozen artichoke plants and 6 dozen flowers planted

Marin County, CA

250 trees distributed for the Minneapolis Tree Canopy

Minneapolis, MN

200 wheelbarrows of sand moved from a backyard after Hurricane Sandy

New York City, NY

Made 26 fleece blankets for Project Harmony

Omaha, NE

40 trees mulched in Malcolm X Park

Philadelphia, PA

5,000 plants planted in the Market Street median

St. Louis, MO

50+ people wrote on the board within first half hour

San Francisco, CA

84 trees liberated from invasive vines

Washington, DC

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