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December 3, 2011 Event

CommuniTyler brought together 400 volunteers across 15 sites.

Here are their stories:

6 random acts of kindness

Ann Arbor, MI

5 rooms and three stairwells painted

Boston, MA

240 kids with better classrooms

Chicago, IL

13 christmas wishes fulfilled

Denver, CO

500 invasive plants removed

Evanston, IL

3 houses painted and restored

South Hampton Roads, VA

26 hands removed trash from Venice Beach

Los Angeles, CA

2,500 feet of lakeshore

Madison, WI

400 saltwater grass starters planted

Mill Valley, CA

16 bags of litter removed

NASA Langley, Hampton, VA

3 miles of trail cleared

New York City, NY

1,209 books collected and donated

Omaha, NE

387 native plants planted

San Francisco, CA

18 urban trees planted

San Francisco, CA

500 cans of food collected and donated

St Louis, MO

288 inches of cribbing installed

Washington D.C.

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