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Volunteers planted 190 trees at the Greening of Detroit memorial grove near the Del Ray Community Center.

“When I first found out about the Greening of Detroit, it sounded perfect for CommuniTyler.Tyler was nothing if not a nature lover and I knew he would be a huge supporter of bringing back some green to areas that nature had long given up on. We ventured out to the Del Ray Community Center, which was in a pretty rough neighborhood of Detroit, famous for being broken into 5 times in the last month. In their introduction, we learned that we were going to be part of planting the Greening of Detroit memorial grove — 190 trees commemorating those that were special to our lives. They referred to the trees that we were planting as a tangible expression of hope.
As a resident of the Detroit area for the last 3 years, this event was incredible. It’s amazing for me to see people from all walks of life literally rolling up their sleeves and getting dirty, planting trees in long foregone areas of the community. The whole time we were planting, I could just imagine Ty right alongside, cheerfully working, making me feel better and better about the city and the world I live in. ”

−Jiwon Park

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