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May 19th, 2012 Event

CommuniTyler brought together 425 volunteers at 22 sites. Here are their stories:

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6 random acts of kindness

Ann Arbor, MI

87 bags of trash collected

Baton Rouge, LA

31 acres of farmland weeded and hoed

Boston, MA

1120 pounds of noxious weeds removed

Bozeman, MT

8 kids with full bellies

Charlotte, NC

100+ trees mulched

Chicago, IL

0.25 miles of riverbank cleared

Cleveland, OH

4 houses landscaping projects completed

Denver, CO

190 trees planted

Detroit, MI

250 acres of forest preserve weeded

Evanston, IL

2.5 buckets of forest debris cleared

Frederick, MD

301 feet of trail cleared

Hampton, VA

15 bags of trash collected

Hilton Head Island, SC

32 pounds of trash collected

Los Angeles, CA

1248 feet of cleared weeds

Marin County, CA

2000 dollars raised for NYC sailing center

New York City, NY

5 cabinets built

Richmond, VA

1300 riders inspired

San Francisco, CA

86 bags of invasive species cleared

San Francisco, CA

115 homeless people fed

St. Petersburg, FL »

1,000 seedlings transplanted

St. Louis, MO

1 Rock Creek Park trail improved

Washington, DC

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