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In Madison, CommuniTyler fought through the rainy day and made a game of collecting trash lining the shores of Lake Mendota

CommuniTyler fell on the first day of rain in Wisconsin in over two months. It was grey and windy and cold and gross and ominous—one of those days where it’s probably a good idea to stay inside. The weather man probably even advises you do so, something about wind chill and frostbite. On days like those, you can decide to stay inside and do nothing, which no one would really blame you for, or you can go out into the world and consider the winds not a force of prevention but something to carry you forward. So despite the weather, a group of Madison folks showed up cheerful and dressed for the occasion. We drank coffee, ate bagels and had richly insightful conversations. Then out in the rain, which kept shifting from pouring to drizzle, we made a game out of picking up trash. Soon we had broken into pairs of two and rushed along the lakeshore scavenging for empty beer bottles, plastic bags, aluminum cans. The game was fun and it also allowed for more personal one-on-one conversations. CommuniTyler was a great way to spend a half a day: with people I care about, simply doing good work together for the good of the community. It was as perfect and honest as something could be. I am extremely glad I showed up. Most worthwhile moments in life happen only when you choose to show up.

−Kent Watson

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