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CommuniTyler Chicago had a new partner this year, teaming up with the Chicago Parks District for the first time. We had an incredible group of volunteers, 52 volunteers in all! After some initial thunderstorm concerns, and some light rain showers at the beginning, it turns out the shakedown is an anti-rain dance. As soon as the activities got started, the sky cleared up and we had fantastic weather for the rest of the day.

The group was tasked with spreading mulch along the lakefront at the 39th Street Beach. We were told that the lakefront is one of Chicago’s most important parks for numerous reasons; my favorite being that when Obama flies into Chicago he likes to look out of Air Force One and see the beautiful parks. So keep an eye out on the new @POTUS twitter handle for mentions like”#ChiTownMulch” very soon.

Our group attacked their task with tons of excitement. The coordinator from CPD said we were the most fun group she’s ever worked with. We were able to mulch more trees in the amount of time than any other group before. A true testament to the passion that Ty inspires. A large group then made their way to a backyard BBQ with Lagunitas, spike ball, and a pinata!

Life truly is good!

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