What is CommuniTyler?

CommuniTyler is a community service organization that helps communities perform service projects on synchronized days. Though the work and location of each project is unique, through CommuniTyler, we create a larger community of givers, all working together to improve our world.

Why community service?

Tyler Lorenzi, CommuniTyler’s namesake, was a giver. He gave of his time and energy to others, especially those he didn’t know. To celebrate his memory, we aim to do the same.

How do I get involved?

First, visit our Volunteer Page and sign up for project in your city. Once you sign up, you will begin receiving emails from your CommuniTyler Coordinator keeping you updated. On your CommuniTy Day (typically the third Saturday in May), show up at your site ready to work hard, give back and meet some great new people.

What if there’s not an event in my city?

Create one! If you’re interested in becoming a CommuniTyler Coordinator and hosting an event in your community, contact communityler@gmail.com. If you want to give back in your own way on the same day, feel free to organize a project and send us a debrief—we’ll post it with the rest!

What sort of projects count?

Ty had a passion for bringing smiles to those around him through random acts of kindness. For your CommuniTyler project, find an organization that does the same, speaks to your personal interests and aligns with Ty’s core belief that “Life is Good. ” Anything counts, from taking an underprivileged young lady prom dress shopping to cleaning up a local beach to walking dogs at an animal shelter.

Once I’ve done my CommuniTyler service, how do I share my story?

Send your stories and photos to communityler@gmail.com so we can keep our Impact page current. Follow us on Facebook where you’ll see photos and stories from the smiles that Ty’s memory continues to generate.

I want to get involved, but can’t make the Volunteer Event. How can I help?

CommuniTyler is dedicated to encouraging its members to give of their time and energy to improve their local communities. And we get together every year. That said, if you prefer to give monetarily, please visit our Donate page.

Where do my donations go?

We aim to pick service projects that require limited funds, but we support our CommuniTyler Coordinators with the resources they need to create meaningful projects. For example, past Coordinators have requested:

    • garbage bags to clean up Venice Beach
    • paint rollers to paint the walls of a homeless shelter in Boston
    • gloves to complete trail maintenance in Washington D.C.

Who was Tyler Lorenzi?

To learn more about the man behind the mission, check out Ty’s Story.