Volunteers removed 2 1/2 large trash bags of trash and 2 1/2 buckets of broken glass and metal debris from an area called Nathaniel’s Place in the Frederick City Watershed Cooperative Wildlife Management Area 

“CommuniTyler in Frederick enjoyed a beautiful morning with blue skies.  While we were small in number we were dedicated to cleaning up the area called “Nathaniel’s Place” in memory of Tyler and our brother and son Alex Brown, who also perished in the boating accident. The site is named after a young man with learning disabilities who ended his life as a young adult but had conducted a major reclamation of the area in 2000. The location is in the city watershed along a series of waterfalls with an adjacent twenty-foot rock overhang. Tyler and Alex would have relished the day and the efforts. We can imagine the two of them setting up a slackline and practicing their bouldering techniques along the cliff walls. We were greeted part way through the day by a northern red salamander who was friendly enough to pose for a few photos. We collected several buckets of broken glass and rusted metal of all shapes and sizes along with the typical plastic bottles and other trash left behind by random visitors. A vintage glass bottle was found intact and proved a curiosity because of its small  size and uncommon shape. We are looking forward to organizing a larger event next year.”

−Eric and Pat Brown


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  1. Robbie Marquez says:

    It is very heartening to know that you are some of those important people who help Nathaniel’s Place to continue to be what he and his best friend, Brad intended it to be. It is now a beautiful, peaceful, naturally growing refuge. Thank you SO much for posting your pictures, and for giving some background on what has motivated you to help to make Nathaniel’s Place a welcoming refuge for all. I am deeply moved by your action in memory of your brother, Alex, and that of Tyler. I can imagine all 3 of them enjoying Nathaniel’s Place as we do. Though Nathaniel’s Place belongs to all who feel the same reverence for it’s peaceful environment, please accept my personal Thanks for all your efforts to honor what Nathaniel has started. Sincerely, Robbie Marquez -Nathaniel’s Mom

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