Volunteers cooked a hot breakfast and played basketball, foosball and chess with 8 kids. 

“Walking inside the beautiful house on Charlotte’s tree-lined East Boulevard, we immediately felt at home. Eight children were staying at the Relatives on this particular Saturday, and they had just woken up. Some were very young, having been dropped off by their parents for an unknown reason. Others were teenagers–they may have run away. All of them were great kids. We immediately got to work flipping pancakes, scrambling eggs and frying up the bacon. Smiles all around. After a hearty meal, we headed outside to do what kids do best–PLAY! After hours of basketball, foosball, football throwing, skateboarding, chess maneuvering, and even some X-box action, we said goodbye to our new friends. We hope that their time away from their families is short, but we’ll miss them when we return to the Relatives.

Overall, it was a great experience. The kids were full of energy, love and positivity. They would have loved Tyler! ”

−Emily Wessel Farr