CommuniTyler’s 8th Annual Volunteer day is Saturday, May 19th, 2018!

Some cities will volunteer on a different day in May, so stay tuned for a list of participating cities and days. 


Become a CommuniTyler Coordinator!

Our amazing coordinators are the heart and soul of CommuniTyler. Every year, these inspiring volunteers select a site and rally the troops in their unique communities. Many of our coordinators have been with us since the start, but we have new coordinators join every year and we are committed to making the process easy peasy for our newbies.

If you’ve been thinking about running a CommuniTyler site, we welcome you to come on board in 2018! Email us at communityler@gmail.com and we will get you started.


Shout-Out to CommuniTyler 2017

Throughout May of 2017, CommuniTyler spread joy in 17 unique cities across the U.S. and Canada. From Honolulu to Vancouver, Los Angeles to New York, we honored our mission to “make a difference and a friend.” All the while, we celebrated the life of Tyler Lorenzi.

Thank you 2017 CommuniTyler Coordinators: Carryn Lund, Elinor Mason, Olivia Green, Mallory Combs, Bill Farley, Jamie Lyons, Euhbin Song, Margaret Parker, Gui Vendemiatti, Pat Brown, Rachel Saul, Ted Barnes, Kurt & Robin Lorenzi, Teresa Fox, Matthew Waggenspack, Shanika Gunaratna, Leslie Kwasnieski, Megan Falke, Frank Bauch, Mal Usen, Andrew Prince, Chris Stahl, Jason Wien, Ed Blunderfield, Thomas Lauer, Asa Church.