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Communityler: Make a Difference, and a Friend

Thank you for participating in CommuniTyler 2018!


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CommuniTyler exists to encourage and enable volunteers to devote time to their communities.

Tyler Lorenzi: Our Inspiration

CommuniTyler was founded in 2011 following the passing of our inspiration, Ty. Tyler Lorenzi was an incredible person who had the ability to befriend anyone he met. His generosity made a lasting impact on those whose lives he touched. In his memory, we are reminded every year to be friendly, to be helpful, and to have fun!

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What is CommuniTyler?

One day, one mission, many locations

Communtyler's mission is to "make a difference, and a friend." Every year, on one single day, over 25 cities participate in their own unique day of giving back. From Dallas to Boston to Los Angeles to Seattle, our amazing coordinators find a way to uniquely give back to their communities through service projects. The projects vary from beach clean-ups to planting trees to clearing trails, but they all have a similar theme: they make a difference. Meanwhile, our volunteers fulfill the other part of the mission: make a friend. Many new friendships are formed while volunteering side by side.